Several years ago two ex-colleagues and friends were asked by a business that had short listed them both for a substantial piece of organisation redesign, if they would consider joining forces to form a team to support their programme. They liked the models and approaches the consultants had in common, the breadth of experience they brought collectively to their work, the values they shared and how very different they were as people. This was the start of Organisation Design Associates.

Our Core Work

  • Designing organisations for performance and growth.
  • Role transition coaching – individuals, teams and whole organisations.
  • Building and shaping supportive cultures.
  • Approaches to leading and managing change.

Since then our core team has grown and we have also established a network of similarly interested people and organisations that enables us to compete for work of greater complexity and scale than would otherwise have been possible and to provide a broader skill base and geographically distributed resource team.

If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do, please click on the links under the menu bar. Additionally, please also contact us if you are interested in any aspects of our practise development and ongoing research, examples of which are also given.

Current ODA practise development and research

  • Organisation capability development.
  • Role transition coaching.
  • Ethics and organisation design.
  • Person centred approaches to OD.